Client Value Proposition

  • 1. An introduction to our professional services

    It is our priviledge to introduce Plan for Life’s financial advisory and intermediary services business to you. Our corporate brochure contains our business and licence details as required in terms of the financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act.

  • 2. Gather relevant material client Information

    Our value proposition is client-centred and, as a result, we cannot enter into a professional relationship with you if we do not fully understand your financial position, your financial needs and your objectives.

  • 3. Define and establish the professional relationship

    If we believe we can be of service to you, we will define our professional relationship. In the interest of our clients, all of our professional relationships are defined and established by way of a written client request, client instruction or terms and conditions of engagement.

  • 4. Conduct a financial analysis and design the financial solution(s)

    Subject to the terms and conditions of our agreement, we will conduct an analysis and design an independent financial solution based on your financial needs and objectives.

  • 5. Present our proposed solution

    After conducting a financial analysis and preparing a written proposal, we will present our proposed solution to you. During this meeting, our written proposal will be handed to you for your consideration.

  • 6. Agreement

    If we reach an agreement on the essential terms of the proposal, or we are instructed by you to implement any part of our proposal, the argreement or instruction will be reduced to writing. You will receive a copy of all agreements.

  • 7. Implement the financial solution(s)

    After reaching the agreement, we will implement the solution in accordance with your request or instruction.

  • 8. Monitor the plan

    Our value proposition is much more than a once-off financial transaction. The essence of our value proposition lies in our investment in our clients over the long term. This investment includes ongoing monitoring, reporting, advice and quality service. We know that if we take care of our clients, our business will take care of itself.

What We Do

  • Insurance
  • Business Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Health
  • Estate Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Accounting
  • Risk Management